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Home owners in Roleystone and across Australia are taking control of their rising electricity bills by installing a hot water heat pump.  

Hot water heat pumps are as efficient as traditional solar hot water without the need for roof thermal panels. Combine your heat pump with solar power however, and you’ve got the Holy Grail of setups; delivering you up to 100% FREE hot water in Summer AND Winter!

Driving around Roleystone, you'll see just some of the 1.5 million Australian homes that have now installed roof-top solar power. Energy independence and lower utility bills are on top of mind and we’ve seen enquiries for batteries going through the roof. But battery prices are still prohibitive with no encouragement from the Government.

We’ve seen a growing trend where home owners are using their heat pump hot water system as a Thermal Battery to their Solar PV. It’s a smart move given our range of heat pumps all get hot water rebates, generally worth ~$1000. 

The graph below shows typical electricity generation from Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems (yellow) in Roleystone over the course of a year. A traditional solar hot water system still needs to draw on a power-hungry booster for a short period of time (green) during the winter months.

The consistently low power consumption of a heat pump (shown in blue) can easily be covered by Solar PV ensuring your hot water flows free and generously all year round. And still leaves plenty of excess energy from PV generation for other power appliances around the house.

How Heat Pumps act as a Thermal Battery with Solar Power

Roleystone averages around 265 days of sunshine each year - more than anywhere else in Australia - which is great news for solar power during warmer months... but what about the other 100 days?

Heat pumps are unique in that they do not need direct sunlight to work. They work on energy-transfer principles, moving energy from the air to the hot water storage tank. Even in air that seems too cold to you and me, heat energy is present. This process can be 5 times more efficient than using a conventional electric hot water system.

The minimal energy it does draw during this process can be covered when timing it to operate when your solar power is producing. The water tank stores hot water for use when you need it (for example, evenings and mornings), hence the term Thermal Battery.

You may have seen our vehicles and plumbers driving around our suburb of Roleystone. We don't just install heat pumps; our other specialist areas include traditional solar hot water

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iStore Air to Energy - Roleystone


The iStore Hot Water Heat Pumps are designed and supported here in Perth by an expert team of plumbers and electricians. It is available in two sizes; the sleek 180litre unit and the 270litre for higher demands. Each system has an inbuilt timer allowing easy optimisation to your requirements.

EnviroHeat Thermal Batteries - Roleystone


The EnviroHeat is the outcome of significant Research and Development here in Perth. You will be impressed by its robust design, clever fluted heat exchanger coil and excellent 5 year compressor warranty. The EnviroHeat Hot Water Heat Pump is available in two sizes; 200litre and 250litre. Each system has an inbuilt timer allowing easy optimisation to your requirements

Japanese CO2 Heat Pumps - Roleystone


With a Japanese C02 Heat Pump System such as the Reclaim Energy or Sanden Eco Plus Hot Water Heat Pump System, you can save up to 80% of your conventional electric hot water energy costs! These market leading heat pumps feature:

  • 6 year warranty on the Japanese made heat pump instead of the typical industry 2 years
  • Various tank sizes to meet different requirements
  • Highest rebates in class due to its industry leading efficiency (COP=5)
  • Uses environmentally friendly CO2 refrigerant
  • Only the Japanese heat pumps heat in an instantaneous manner, so its near impossible to run out for large families
  • No energy hungry booster supplied/required.
  • Ultra-quiet operation

The Reclaim Energy Heat Pump also has a Solar Controller that allows optimisation with water usage, electricity tariffs and/or Solar Power installations. Under the right circumstances you can turn this system into a 'solar thermal battery' offsetting the minimal running cost of the heat pump with solar power.

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If you are looking to reduce your energy spend on hot water then a heat pump from Perth Heat Pumps is definitely a smart decision. You can order online direct from our site with a professional installation of your heat pump system in Roleystone. Whether you decide on a heat pump system or a solar hot water system for your Roleystone home, know that both will save you significant amount of money versus an electric and gas hot water system.


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