Why use our Plumbers?
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What makes Heat Pumps Perth' Plumbers so Good! 

We are Experts and Specialists in Heat Pumps and employ our own plumbers. Our Teams install heat pumps every day all around Perth Metro. We are also Approved Service Agents for most Manufacturers. But why use us to plumb the system in?

  1. If we plumb it in, we provide an After Sales Support Line for 'NO hot water' situations or product issues. In circumstances such as these, you'll know that you only have to call one number for a solution; no phoning around for service.
  2. We take away you old hot water system.
  3. We do not use apprentices to cheapen the install - only fully qualified plumbers and gasfitters are used.
  4. We have the correct hardware to transport the unit to your house and expensive trolleys to safely move the system around your house.
  5. Our Market Research suggests we are 20-40% cheaper than other companies when comparing apples with apples.
  6. If we install it, we know its installed to the highest quality standard:
Our Installation Guarantee How You Benefit
Solid and compliant tank bases Safety from a solid foundation
Condensate and Relief lines to a pit/drain No water dripping onto tank causing early corrosion or onto pavers creating moss
UV resistant pipe insulation on all hot pipe work installed Saves you money not heating the surrounding environment, now & into the future
Our plumbers have a disconnect/reconnect electrical licence In like-for-like instances this may negate the need for an electrician
We provide you with a Plumbing Certificate (costs us ~$30) and Gas Compliance Certificate (when removing a gas system) These are our compliance/workmanship guarantees, copies of which are supplied to the regulatory bodies.
We setup the unit to standard settings Saves you time reading the manual inside out


Whats included in the standard plumbing costs?

  • Plumbing the new heat pump at ground level in the same spot as the current electric or gas hot waters system
  • Installing a solid and compliant base for the tank to sit on in a fairly level location. This includes using appropriate slabs and fast drying concrete
  • Installing using 15mm copper and UV rated insulation to match
  • Installing a 'pit' and supplying hoses/copper for the relief/condensate lines
  • Handling of all paperwork needed for the Rebate claim
  • and YES, we do the non-tradesman like thing and take away the rubbish PLUS clean up after ourselves.

Can your Plumbers do any additional Plumbing or Gas Work for us?

Absolutely. Just provide what you would like in the comments section at checkout. We can advise prior an estimated cost. These will be confirmed when on site prior to the extra work being done. Typical requests are:

  • removing a Roof Solar Hot Water System 
  • moving the hot water system location
  • repairing leaking taps
  • replacing a toilet/cistern
  • capping a gas line/meter
  • repairing underground water leaks.


My mate is a plumber, can I use him?

Sure you can, but ask how many of these branded heat pumps they have installed before. It's a known fact that when you are presented with something different to work with you are more cautious (slower) and need to read instructions (hopefully!). And all this comes at a cost.

Also ask your mate if our price seems fair for the inclusions we offer.  

Note - when using your own plumber the Government needs certain documents to verify the install as part of the Rebate. These documents need to be returned within 7 days of Delivery:

  1. Plumbing Certificate (costs your plumber ~$30)
  2. Photo of the system installed
  3. Photo of the data plate on tank clearly showing the tank serial number


What about the Electrics?

Electrical work can vary from job to job - and you may not even need it if replacing like-for-like. 

Here's our list of Electricians that have experience working with our range of Heat Pumps:

Company Name and Contact Number Area Covered
PPE Electrical, Paul 0414 799 047 Perth CBD, SW Perth, NW Perth, NE Perth
Live N Up Electrical, Travis 0419 933 715 SE Perth, Kalamunda, Serpentine-Jarrahdale
Blue Knight Electrical, Shayne 0406 965 129  Mandurah
G-Force Electrical, Greg 0416 096 937 Mundaring 
AnyType Electrical, John 0429 600 166 Rockingham